8 Secrets for a Perfect Wedding

Wedding ceremonies beautiful, intricate and full of love, but we have all heard stories of swooning brides, fainting grooms, torn dresses, missing caterers and more. It is no wonder that many brides are stressed by the time the wedding day arrives.
No worries we are giving away some secrets we have picked up from the professionals wedding planners extraordinaire on how to have the perfect wedding.

Classic or Clever


  1. Relax just because you are engaged to be married does not mean you have to plan the wedding right away. Take a few weeks to enjoy the fact that you are engaged before jumping into the planning aspect of the wedding.
  2. Envision Before planning, picture what you want your wedding to be like and then go from there. If you know what type of wedding you want, the rest of the details come much easier.
  3. Budget Build a budget you know you can work with and stick to it. Know how much you can spend, and what you need to spend it on (wants vs. needs). This can make all the difference between starting your life together right, and starting it in debt.
  4. Cutting Corners Cutting the wrong corners can end in disaster. It is always better to work with reputable, licensed vendors you can count on rather than someone with a tiny bit of knowledge and a lot of good will.
  5. Saying No During the wedding planning, you will have people offering suggestions on what should be done. Do not let them talk you into something you do not want or can not afford. Be polite about it, but be firm.
  6. Over Thinking Once you make a decision, don not go back and change it; it will drive you crazy. Instead, check it off as done and move on.
  7. One Thing at a Time Never multitask; lots of mistakes can be made this way. Deal with one issue at a time and then move on.
  8. Legalize Filling out the legal paperwork should be top priority. Many couples have put other things first, only to realize the day of the ceremony that the legalities have not been taken care of.

These eight points will definitely help ease the stress, worry and pre-wedding jitters that come with wedding planning. However, we have found a great resource with more information that can also be a big help 1000 Best Secrets for Your Perfect Wedding.

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If you come across secrets that helped make your wedding day a success, please feel free to share in the comments!