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10 Jewish wedding traditions

1. Fasting

The wedding day is considered a day of forgiveness, and as such, some couple choose to fast the day of their wedding

2. Bedeken

Before the ceremony, the groom approaches the bride for the bedeken, or veiling. He looks at her and then veils her face

3. Ketubah Signing

The ketubah is a Jewish prenuptial agreement that outlines the groom's responsibilities to his bride.

4. The Walk to the Chuppah

In Jewish tradition, both of the groom's parents walk him down the aisle to the chuppah, the altar beneath which the couple exchanges vows. Then the bride and her parents follow.

5. Vows Under the Chuppah

A chuppah has four corners and a covered roof to symbolize the new home they are building together.

6. Circling

The bride traditionally circles around her groom either three or seven times under the chuppah.

7. Sheva B'rachot: Seven Blessings

The seven blessings, called the Sheva B'rachot, come from ancient teachings. They are often read in both Hebrew and English.

8. Breaking of the Glass

As the ceremony comes to an end, the groom is invited to step on a glass inside a cloth bag to shatter it.

9. Mazel Tov!

Shouting "Mazel tov!" is one of the most well-known Jewish wedding rituals. Once the ceremony is over and the glass is broken, you will hear guests cheer Mazel tov.

10. Yichud

Following the ceremony, tradition dictates that couples spend approximately 18 minutes in private.