Along with your wedding dress, cake and flowers, your décor will inform your guests and speak volumes about your personal style. Words like elegant, simple, rustic, contemporary, glamorous will be used to describe the décor for your wedding long after the day is gone. Whatever your final choice, a country club, historic mansion, yacht, hotel, the colors and decorations should reflect some your personalities. Give serious consideration to how you want the space to look and what you want it to convey. Whatever you decide, let the joy you feel about this one special day be reflected in details large and small. Enjoy the video of some wedding spaces Artisan Photographics has captured up to the present day.  

Remember, the details matter, so think about the many small things such as, a Mr. and Mrs. Sign for your head table and what the style could be, rustic or glam.  For more information and ideas always check:

Quick Tips:

Consider working with a decorator, this could save you time, money and frustration.

Try to keep your ‘theme’ consistent. Minimize using more than 2-3 colors.

Consider the actual space, what style of decor does the building lend itself to.

Don’t forget the importance of lighting.