Why we suggest realtors reconsider not taking photographs with a cell phone

Realtors the world over know they should take professional photos of a home they are trying to sell. My wife and I can remember when we began searching for our first home many years ago.  We started the search stopping by open houses in the communities we wanted to live in and looking on the internet. More often than not, we were less than impressed by the photos we saw on the web, we were not alone. Talking with other home owners we discovered when they were looking for a home they simply skipped over listings that looked as if the seller took the photos themselves. They first talked about ‘fuzzy’ off putting photos. Many of the listing photos showed the sellers clutter in the picture, untidy, not being able to even figure out what some rooms were used for and they also mentioned the homes that looked dirty in the photo. Landscaping was a whole other nightmare, there were several issues, photos of yards with debris, dead plants and trees. Then in some cases they talked about photos they could clearly see that had been overly doctored or Photo shopped, photographs that in no way represented the property for sale. Hundreds of thousands of dollars was being asked for many of these ‘homes’.  Being photographers we never failed to be amused by the bathroom photo with the seller or the agent directly in the mirror, a professional would know exactly how to avoid that mistake which is amateurish. Was it wrong of us to want to be romanced and enticed a little bit by the photos? We couldn’t be that unusual could we?  Many agents and sellers remain loathe to use a professional photographer which is a bit surprising  when many studies have documented that well photographed, well-priced homes sell faster and often for more than the asking price than those that are not.

The cost for quality photography is such a small investment to make when all the implications are considered, the house staying on the market longer than need be, potential buyers simply not considering the house, etc. Of course it is up to each agent or seller to decide on what is best for him/her we can only share what we know for sure.    

Photo Tip: Did you know buyers prefer photographs with the lights on in the room being photographed?

Artisan Photographics serves Ft. Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.

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Testimonial from a broker who uses our services regularly:

Just wanted to let you know that I received the photos you sent on Monday. I sorted through them all and put the listing in the computer Wednesday afternoon. The property was sold Thursday from one of the first 6 showings! Thank you for all your hard work. Of course, I’m going to give credit to my beautiful staging (LOL) and all my advertising (none).

I’m going on a listing presentation tomorrow morning. When I get it, I will definitely be calling you.

Kline Broker/Associate at
United Realty Group
Member South Broward Realtor Board

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