Are You A Bridezilla In The Making?

Funny how some women change into bat s–t crazy the nanosecond an engagement ring goes on her finger which could make a bridezilla in the making.

Yes, we said bat s–t crazy. Otherwise perfectly kind, thoughtful, generous women or men depending on the gender can turn into unrecognizable raving people.

What happens?   Having seen the phenomena first hand we would say some brides, grooms and even the parents become ‘drunk with power’.  This wanton drunkenness spills over into almost EVERY aspect of dealing with these individuals.

We have at some level as a culture become much more accepting of rude and unruly behavior from others, fearing reprisal from the person either in the form of withdrawal of their affections or if doing business with them withdrawal of a ‘sale or contract’.

These brides to be, become demanding, abusive, controlling when they FEEL their needs are not immediately met by family, friends or even service providers.

Sometimes they're serious consequences such as friends and family pulling away due to the mistreatment they have received.

Sometimes, while not telling the bride the true nature of their feelings, service providers will come up with an excuse and deposits and retainer fees are returned to simply NOT to have to deal with a bride who is out of control.

We have also seen weddings simply called off due to brides behaving in this way.

Is any of this sounding like you?

Have your friends and family members implied or directly stated that they’re tired of you going on and on about your wedding plans?

Have friends or family members told you directly and not so directly that they do NOT like the verbal tone you sometimes take with them when discussing your wedding plans?

Do you justify your behavior by saying things like “I’m upset” or “I’m feeling overwhelmed”?

Tips and suggestions:

  • Take a week off from wedding planning go to the spa, movies, read a book, see a play, exercise
  • Do not assume your friends are ‘jealous’ of you, or your wedding plans they have lives of their own that they must continue to live
  • Sincerely apologize to family, friends, and co-workers who’s feelings you may have bruised
  • Have a small get together with friends and don’t bring up your wedding plans, find out HOW they are doing, do this for your parents as well.
  • Learn to delegate, often these issues come up when the bride is trying to DO IT ALL HERSELF
  • Hire a wedding planner, that will be less costly than damaging your close relationships
  • Failing the above suggestions consider talking to a therapist or counselor

In closing, this is not written to offend but to have brides, grooms, and others consider some of the consequences of unchecked rudeness and anger during the wedding planning process.

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