Wedding Planners Can Save The Day

Wedding Planners Can Save The Day

Wedding Planner an Absolute Necessity for a Wedding?  You Bet!

As photographers we know first hand how invaluable a wedding planners can be. This often overlooked individual helps in ways too many to mention with the planning and execution of one of the most important days in the life of a bride and groom. They help with managing schedules, payments, vendor contracts and so much more. Often they become the unpaid therapist and unsung heroines and heroes of a couple’s wedding day. We have all seen our share of wedding disasters averted by these skilled individuals. Planners can do ALL of the planning, or the day of only. They help with the selection of a venue, a florist, a photographer, they can bring extraordinary decorating skills to a venue that is four walls and lacks personality at all.

On a hot summer day at one memorable wedding, the bride in an effort to save money had her mother do all the planning, the cake was a confection covered in whipped cream. Mom had the cake arrive at noon to make sure it was at the venue on time, she insisted the cake be placed at the picture window she thought we would get better photos. Mom didn’t take into consideration that the ceremony started at five pm and that a cocktail reception would follow the ceremony and just the general schedule that had been set put the cake cutting close to eight pm. The sun went down, it was time to cut the cake, there was no cake, it was is simply a whipped cream disaster, the sun had melted the cream, which was now dripping on the floor, strawberries looking back at us from the foam on the table . Luckily we had photographed the cake several hours earlier while it was still standing and we had wonderful photos of what it looked like before the big meltdown. My point is a planner would have considered, time, location and placement of the cake. The bride was inconsolable for a few minutes after seeing that she had nothing to cut and what had become of this part of her vision, she loved that cake. We would recommend involving a planner as soon as possible. Most of our clients hold full time jobs, are in graduate school, are parents to young children, some are also taking care of elderly parents the wedding planner is definitely one of the better investments for any major life event such as a wedding.

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