Bridal Jewelry for Your Wedding

Jewelry has been a form of body adornment across every culture from the moment of human development.

Archaeologists across the globe have found jewelry as part of the grave goods of the ancient dead.  In almost every single culture jewelry has been used for societal hierarchy. In Africa in various countries cowry/cowrie shelled jewelry along with other personal gifts are presented to the bride. In China it is customary to give the bride gold earrings for her wedding day- this varies somewhat by region. Middle Eastern counties- giving bracelets to the bride along with other items such as coins is a must. South Asia/India- gold and diamond jewelry is given to the bride. South America- an uncommon element is the exchange of rings for both members of an engaged couple this takes place at the ‘engagement party’. Caribbean Islands- brides are given gold earrings and other forms of jewelry depending on her social status.

Tips and Suggestions:

·         Consider a bedazzling tiara or headpiece to set off your wedding ensemble

·         Try wearing one signature piece of jewelry, other than your ring, of course

·         Remember not to overdo, put on all of your jewelry on your wedding day and then remove one item

·         If your wedding gown has an elaborate neckline, one that is very ornate you may want to skip the necklace and go for signature earrings instead

·         Bridal purse with crystals and sequins is a must have

·         Remember to include a bit of your culture’s traditions around jewelry, do some research and find out it can be fun

Jewelry Trends for 2015 and beyond

·         Color is very popular and this includes for engagement rings, ruby, sapphire, emerald

·         Stacking rings and bracelets

·         Unusually shaped stones, along with ‘raw’ stones

·         White Metals

·         Engraving and personal messages.

In the end it’s your wedding and your day, nothing is set in stone, create your own 

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