Wedding and Bridal Tiaras would you wear one?

Wedding and Bridal Tiaras would you wear one?

Thank goodness the wedding tiara is no longer the domain of the world’s ‘royal families’.  This headpiece historically relegated to those born into royal clans is now often used by the ‘common woman’ as an elaborate finishing touch to her wedding day ensemble. Steeped in tradition some of the more famous royal tiaras are: 

1. The modern Fringe Tiara last worn by Princess Madeline of Sweden

2. The Poltimore Tiara worn by Princess Margaret

3. The Savory Pink Topaz Tiara worn by Clotilde Courau Princess of Venice and Piedmont

 4. The Moroccan Meander Tiara worn by Princess Lalla Salma

 5. The Queen Mary Fringe Tiara worn by Queen Elizabeth II

 6. The Diamond Vine Leaves Tiara worn by Princess Claiare of Luxembourg

 7. The Prussian Tiara worn by Queen Letizia

 8. The Queen Margrethe Tiara worn by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

  9. The Dogmar Prussian Tiara worn by Princess Marie of Denmark (not to be confused with Princess Mary of Denmark)

10. The Halo Scroll Tiara worn by Kate Duchess of Cambridge

As you can see from the above, the Tiara has had a long, fascinating and storied history throughout  the ages. It is worth mentioning that a number of Europe’s crown jewels including tiaras worn by many princesses and queens are also a large part of Africa’s blood diamond legacy.

wedding Tiara

wedding Tiara

final prep

final prep

Tips and Suggestions:

Consider the style and color of your wedding gown when selecting a tiara or headpiece for your finishing touch.

Height and weight of tiara you will want to try on several for comfort

Consider your hairstyle will your hair be upswept, braided or another style?

How much adornment on the tiara?

Do you want gold or silver finishes?

Do you want clear crystal or colored crystal and stones in the tiara?

Would you like a tiara with a vintage feel or a tiara with a modern edge?

Does the tiara you have fallen in love with fit into your budget or can another similarly designed tiara do the trick?

We are sure there is much more you will be considering as you make your tiara selection for your big day!

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