What to Wear to a Wedding? Only our opinion and it may seem strong to some but here goes.

A recent question we were asked What to Wear to a Wedding? Only our opinion and it may seem strong to some but here goes.

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It’s the bride and groom’s day  don’t upstage them. The first rule is stay away from white, it’s fine to wear something in the ivory or ecru family of colors but white is off limits. Weddings are still a solemn occasion it’s not a night club. Micro mini’s are off limits even if you and the bride are best buddies and went to bars and other events were that type of clothing was acceptable. Skip wearing something like that at someone’s wedding. Denim is a very casual fabric and unless the wedding is on a farm, it is a no, no period.

Why am I saying this?  A few years ago as our beautiful bride in the most gorgeous wedding gown tossed her bouquet, the group of single ladies made the leap to catch it, dresses went up as women jumped for the prize and some blouses came down. In one particular photo we could clearly see the posterior of the young lady who leapt for the bouquet and guess what? She had no underwear on, nothing.  We could not give that photo to the couple.  Doesn’t matter what we thought, the bride was FURIOUS. She couldn’t  use the image as you get ready for your friend’s special day please keep in mind you may very well be in pictures.

What you wear matters, people want to talk about the beautiful event they attended, not the tacky, tasteless person who didn’t give a thought to what he/she was about to wear.

Give it all some thought, you are either a friend of the bride and groom or their families give their feelings some consideration as you plan your outfit for this special day in their lives, notice I said in their lives not yours.

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